Code of Professional Conduct

Members of IFAA agree to ensure their associations have in place a Code of Conduct that includes:

  • A member should behave ethically and with integrity in all professional and business relationships. Integrity implies not merely honesty, but fair dealing and truthfulness.
  • A member shall inform his or her client or principal of any business connections, interests or circumstances which may be deemed likely to influence the judgement or the quality of the member’s service to such client or principal.
  • A member must be competent in the practice of the profession.
  • A member must strive continually to improve his/her technical services keep his/her knowledge and skills relevant to the profession up to date.
  • A member must always use the utmost care and diligence in discharging his/her duties to his/her principals and clients.
  • A member may participate in publicity, providing that no advertisement, circular or other form of publicity used by a member should claim for that member a level of skill or experience in any respect over any other member, unless such a claim can be substantiated.
  • To ensure that a member is bound by a duty of professional confidentiality.
  • To ensure that a member is prohibited from undertaking any operation which could directly or indirectly lead to his receiving from an interested Third Party any commission, discount, advantage or gift of any kind.
  • That a member is prohibited from engaging in any activity which could be construed as incompatible with his impartiality.

Members of IFAA agree to ensure their Associations have in place:

  • A formal education system and/or a system for recognition of prior learning that ensures members of their Association meet at least the minimum competency standards agreed by IFAA.
  • A continuing professional development programme.
  • Reciprocal recognition for members of IFAA Associations of IFAA agreed competency standards.
  • A Disciplinary Committee to deal with any allegations that a member of an IFAA Association has breached the provisions of their code of conduct or, has acted in any way that is unbecoming of a member of an IFAA Association or prejudicial to the interests of the profession of Loss Adjusting.
  • Such Disciplinary Committees must consider any allegations in writing against a member of an IFAA Association and have the power to reprimand, suspend, penalize with monetary fines or expel that member from an IFAA Association.
  • The Disciplinary Committee will at all times observe the laws of natural justice.